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Advantech on InnoTrans 2018

Date: 7/4/2018 1:35:22 PM


Hall 4-1B; booth 220

InnoTrans 2018 is the biggest events focused on rolling stock transportation solutions. Visit our booth (Hall 4-1B; number 220) and see Advantech wide range of products dedicated to various subareas of rolling stock world. Our offer include PIS (Passenger Infotainment Systems) and Train Wi-Fi, OnBoard servers that can support real time updates of information for passengers like train location or services available in destination city; Ticketing, Surveillance & CCTV; Ground-to-Train communication Wayside or signaling. 

Global expertise

InnoTrans event is great occasion to share our vision for rail industry. Advantech, as experience vendor, owns biggest portfolio of rolling stock products. In China, our transportation market share is over 30%. This gave our clients opportunity to work with Advantech on wide projects, embedding various systems to meet their needs.

As can be expected from the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial computers, Advantech has a wide range of on-board, track side and station controllers.  These range from tiny units designed for operation inside barriers, vending machines and ticket validators, through mid-range computers for CCTV or infotainment, to powerful servers and data centres. Each computer can be preconfigured for specific projects, with the addition of a wide range of communication options, operating system and application, and third-party cards. 

Our offer


Rail operators and maintainers, train manufacturers and passengers demand increasing automation and improved services.  Advantech responds with a comprehensive range of products to support the train and rail infrastructure.  These support:
- rolling stock and station passenger information systems (PIS),
- in-train and quayside surveillance systems,ticketing,
- railway signalling,
- integrated supervisory control systems (ISCS),
- driver monitors for systems and mirrors,
- communication systems for the train backbone network, 
- train-to-ground communications,
- asset management, 
- surveillance and condition-based monitoring

Advantech supports the global standards essential for easy homologation with rail and network operators.  For station applications, we execute worldwide implementation with long-life products – now up to 15 years plus Advantech Longevity solutions of 3 years.  Trackside, Advantech’s products come with EN-50121 compliance.   On-board, all Advantech products are certified for EN-50155, Tx for controllers and T1 for products installed in passenger areas.  In addition, Advantech supports EN-45545 for fire safety.


Train Wi-Fi

Internet connectivity an train wi-fi in the rolling stock is one of the most needed services nowadays expected by the passengers. Advantech with it’s Industrial server ITA-5831 (railway certification EN-50155), can provide internet connectivity over multiple cellular network with channel bonding, Intelligent oad-balancing and also optionally integrated Wi-Fi access point. With infrastructure based on ITA, train provider can secure stable internet connection for passengers. Server has 5 slots that could host up to 5 LTE modems (optionally with sim multiplexor) or mixed with dual band Wi-Fi on 2,4 Ghz and 5 Ghz in same time. 

Case Study – If you are interested how Advantech products were used, you can check our Success Story document. Together with our bussines parnters – Intel and Passengera – we have created platform in The Bernina Express, run by the Rhaetian Railway* (RhB*) in Switzerland. Check HERE


CCTV for railway

In security, modern trains are now equipped with multiple High Definition (HD) or 4k cameras in each carriage, and this data can be stored on-board for up to 90 days, and downloaded in station or depot to a data centre where access can be provided.  The driver may have access in real-time to all the camera information with displays, which also show the status of the doors and platforms for driver-only operation.  The driver also has to manage the train, with all its modern sensors, the traffic and signaling, emergency information, as well as his own time and route planning.  The regulatory or security need for advanced CCTV systems, typically now using IP technologies and Intel-based computers, ensures that a train is now connected, at least some of the time, to the Internet with a broadband connection. This is a major technical challenge.    
Advantech also provides on-board safety and security CCTV systems featuring H.264 high-definition image acquisition. They are fully equipped with IP-technology to provide comprehensive high-speed, high-bandwidth train network solutions tailored to the railway environment and certified to EN51055/EN50121-3-2 railway standards. System possibilities gave operator extreme storage density of 15mm HDD, video stream recorder up to 90 days, possibility to receive automatic alerts and utilizing connectivity solution for real-time live steams play.

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If you have any questions regarding Advantech offer for Rolling Stock, Please contact Tony Milne - our Business Development Manager who can support you with answers . 

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