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Advantech on TRAKO 2019

Date: 7/3/2019 3:49:19 AM


Enabling Intelligent Transportation

World of Intelligent Transportation Systems is changing rapidly. In world of trains, new technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Industrial IoT or services like wi-fi on the train and internet connection for train, CCTV monitoring, possibility of data analytics are becoming more normal and popular. Clients (train operators or producers) are expecting to reach high train standard - this is why products need specific norms (EN50155, EN50121 and others) and keep high level of safety and stability. Project owners are looking for fast and stable central management systems, reliable products for their networks, reasonable size to meet demanding space environment and, last but not least, business partners who can support them. In many cases this means regional approach. Everything, for reaching important goal - make passengers trips more comfortable, fast and economically reasonable. 

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Global experience

Advantech solutions and products are implemented by railway operators on various markets. This is giving us great experience in complex, international projects. As company original is coming from Asia, our market share there is highest (over 32%) but Advantech is growing also on all other global markets like Europe or Americas. No mater of customer location, we can offer comprehensive product solution, from entry to advanced level. With international team, we can gain from experience of other colleagues - cross country teams are a fundamental of cooperation in every sector. Thanks to this, specific segment - e.g transportation, rolling stock - is available for our clients - no matter from their origin location. 
Lately our solutions were implemented in Switzerland, Czech Republic or Peru - all of them were related to our & Passengera solution for Multimedia Infotainment platform. 


Regional approach

To reach expectations of our clients, we are able to coordinate the team who will prepare dedicated offer for clients. Advantech can customize the products depending from needs in two CTOS locations - Eindhoven, Netherlands and Warsaw, Poland. Depending from client profile - train producer or system integrator (SI) we are able to support almost every requirements. To show expertise and how Advantech solutions and products work in real environment we can also implement proof of concept - to show advantages of our solution. This is how we cooperated in Poland with PKP Intercity (National Rail operator). Together we implemented proof of concept for passenger on board infotainment platform - during the National Reading Day in September 2018.  

Wide portfolio

Thanks to over 30 years of experience on rail market Advantech offer is very extended. Wayside Control Solutions, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Traffic Management Solutioins, Electronic Toll Collection. Almost every Network Solutions can be ceated on Advnatech hardware. 

Next to hardware Advnatech is developing cloud based platform (WISE PaaS) which can be implemented into the already existing or just build hardware solutions. This way system management, data visualisation and possibility of data analytics can be proceeded. 

New chapter - Co-Creataion

With the connection of hardware and software, Advantech launced in 2018 new business strategy "Co-Creation" which applies to the whole of Advantech’s business, not just transport. We are open to potential acquisitions and merger of opportunities with software companies, looking for new partnerships between us and smaller, local companies and startups. These can help to boost our strengths in hardware, strenghten software or specific fields in the railway sector, and at the end of the day - gain more products, technologies and customers. The overarching strategy is more about growing our business organically. We are working in the customer market so it’s important to bear in mind that everything we are talking about today is not for the business we currently have, but maybe for two years down the line.

Solutions and products 

Advantech provides a diverse product mix especially for rolling stock solutions. From switches, driver machine interfaces, panel displays and on-board controllers, we offer a comprehensive range of products, specifically targeted at rolling stock applications, including passenger information system (PIS), CCTV surveillance system, vehicle monitoring system (VMS) and Ethernet train networks. Advantech’s railway products are EN 50155 and EN50121-3-2 railway standard certified, complaint and are carefully designed to ensure the highest standards of reliability, flexibility, and expand-ability with enhanced operating longevity. Depending from clients needs we can support also data acquisition systems, Edge networks design with Network infrastructure support. With over eight thousands of industrial products, rolling stock offer is very complete. 

Meeting the need of the rolling stock market we are developing our products. One of the examples can be ITA-5831 - rugged, rail dedicated industrial computer which can be used as access point, multimedia server and communication module at the same time. 


Rolling Stock and onboard devices

Advantech offer for the rolling stock sector of transportation expands to all important areas. Starting with most advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems, we are supporting solutions operating in PIS (Passenger Information Systems), Infotainment Solutions like passenger platforms with multimedia, Wayside Signaling Systems with various rugged computers and devices. Next Generation drives cab or Video Management Systems for dedicated variations of CCTV systems. 

Booth details

Feel invited to vist our booth on TRAKO 2019 edition in Amber Expo in Gdnsk, Poland. We will be located in hall C, booth number 36. With pleasure we will show you our solutions and products portfolio dedicated for Rolling Stock. 

Contact us & meet:

Alicja Strzemieczna
CEE Sales Manager, Transportation Sector Coordinator - Europe 

Dawid Śliwiński
Project Manager Transportation 

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