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Cittati Tecnologia and Advantech Deliver Intelligent Transportation System for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Date: 1/26/2021 12:00:00 AM

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Interview with Julien Renaut, CTO, Cittati Tecnologia; Iuri Gomes, Sales Manager, Advantech Brazil

In 1950, the world’s urban population was just 746 million. As of 2014, it had grown to 3.9 billion. As cities develop, problems caused by traffic have become increasingly challenging. São Paulo, the world’s 4th largest city, faces social, economic, and environmental issues, as well as severe transportation difficulties. São Paulo’s Sustainable Urban Mobility plan was set up to enhance urban mobility by reducing congestion, accidents, and pollution.

Addressing urban mobility challenges with Cittati Tecnologia’s solutions

SPTRANS, a Brazilian technological pioneer, established a bus central monitoring center (CMS) in 2008. Using GPS technology, this system tracks and monitors busses to improve safety. Advancing technological growth, decreasing ridership, and the desire to deliver safer bus services forced SPTRANS to upgrade outdated monitoring systems in 2015. A new CMS and certification process was installed in buses simultaneously.

This high-level certification required a CMS, operational control centers (OCC), unified databases, vehicle computers, surveillance cameras, real-time passenger information systems, electronic ticketing systems, and driver displays. Additionally, SPTRANS certification requires the continuous supply and service of hardware products.

Since its founding in 2008, Cittati Tecnologia has been dedicated to urban mobility solutions. Cittati Tecnologia strongly believes improving transportation systems through the use of technology will better serve people. Their software solutions cover many aspects of public transportation.

Cittati’s technological strengths led them to become the first fully compliant and certified provider of SPTRANS’ CMS and OCC. Cittati built a cloud-based platform that offers a unified database and a multitenancy ecosystem. This ecosystem assigns different levels of authorization to SPTRANS, bus operating companies and drivers. Having the highest authority, SPTRANS can analyze the performance of operating companies and ridership data. They use this data for future urban mobility planning strategies.

Cittati Tecnologia, HARMAN and Advantech built a full ITS

In an effort to establish a future-ready business model, Cittati worked with co-creation partners who share similar sustainable visions. This remained Cittati’s key business strategy throughout the process of participating in the SPTRANS’ urban mobility plan. Cittati, HARMAN, and Advantech joined forces to meet all tender and certification requirements. Julien Renaut, CTO at Cittati Tecnologia said, “SPTRANS, the city’s transit authority, require bus operation transparency. There were about 300 software and hardware items that needed to be field tested for the ITS. Cittati, HARMAN, and Advantech, were the first and only team to meet certification requirements without negative feedback. Because of this success, we started selling ITS solutions to bus operators in São Paulo.”

Advantech established local support, supplied robust industrial grade products, and offered after sale support for 15 years. For these reasons, Cittati and HARMAN chose Advantech as a partner. Before entering the certification process, Cittati was satisfied Advantech’s TREK in-vehicle solution performance. After reviewing the certification criteria, Advantech proposed a best ROI custom solution. This solution was the TREK-570 robust in-vehicle computer. It was paired with Cittati Tecnologia’s CittaGeo software to integrate all bus systems. TREK-570’s trusted in-vehicle design capabilities gave CittaGeo an excellent platform for handling complex algorithms related to driver behavior, dynamic headway calculation, and event-triggered live video streaming.

Co-created ITS yields future business opportunities

Advantech has solutions that can help Cittati develop video telematic solutions aimed at road safety and driver behavior in the future. Julien added, “The highly specific ITS and CMS used in São Paulo demonstrates growing market potential. Because of its modularized design, both CittaGeo and the CMS can be customized to work with other Advantech models. Because the operating companies understand they need to provide better services, improve operational efficiency, and keep their costs in check, I can see us providing a lower cost solution to other cities or projects that want to benefit from ITS grade capabilities but not necessarily the full scope designed by SPTrans. Cittati Tecnologia and Advantech it´s already certified to provide this ITS Solution to Londrina City too and is in discussion with authorities in other cities for deploying the ITS co-created. Apart from on-going projects in Brazil, Cittati Tecnologia, acquired by Volaris Group in 2019, has plans for exploring markets in Latin and North America. The commitment and professionalism displayed by Advantech’s Brazilian team during the last 5 years has strengthened the partnership between Advantech and Cittati. This commitment provides a solid foundation for future projects.

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