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Advantech on European Utility Week 2018

Date: 10/25/2018 1:55:24 AM

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European Utility Week (6-8 November) in Vienna, Austria. is one of the most important events in the region focused on the utilities topic. It's a platform to meet top-level European energy professionals and do business, form new relationships and drive new projects forward.

Certified Substation Computing System

Advantech’s powerful TUV certified ECU-4784 Embedded PC has been specifically designed to meet the critical requirements of power automation. IEC-61850-3 and IEEE1613 certification demonstrates the ECU-4784 suitability for electrical power communication protocol conversion, intelligent remote data analysis, network communications security and comprehensive monitoring applications, which provides higher reliability and stability, specially suitable for global power automation, energy automation and harsh environments.

Solar Power Management Solution Ready Package (SRP) 

Advantech provides gateways and remote acquisition modules that support multiple power communication protocols easing the difficulties faced when trying to get data from multi-vendor PV equipment. In addition Advantech offers several products to integrate data within a certain area and transfer it to the plant operation & control center through a 3G/4G/GPRS communication network. Furthermore, Advantech’s Industrial Ethernet solution helps to ensure smooth and secured data transmission. Advantech can also help you understand the operating status of your equipment even if it is far from the PV farm. Advantech’s real-time cross-platform (Window / iOS / Android) remote operation management solution enables timely control and maintenance of equipment enhancing the efficiency and safety of PV plants. To ensure the smooth operation of the power stations, Advantech Solar Power Management System provides multiple protocol support to monitor equipment status, data accuracy and connections. Furthermore, data auto restores after network reconnection to ensure the data accuracy. Furthermore, the GIS integrated system empowers users to monitor all sites with video for security purposes.



During the European Utlity Week we cooperate with our partners. See below who will join our booth and check our co-created offer for the market. 


Mandy implements automation technology solutions for mobile and stationary use. This makes it the ideal solution for small and cost-efficient facilities. The controls run locally and are operated via an internet browser on a computer or on a mobile device. MANDY is an all-in-one solution for automation technology. The modular structure allows for individual solutions. External systems can be accessed via the connector. Facilities change all the time. Because MANDY is a modular system, such changes can be visualized without a problem. This makes your system future proof and your investment safe.

Swarm Analytics

Swarm Analytics - a young tech startup focused on IoT technology, local intelligence, and machine learning. Our high-performance machine learning solution analyzes visual information at the edge of computing - the camera itself - and simultaneously interprets the data with the aid of artificial intelligence.
If the intelligence is shifted as close as possible to the data source, it is possible to provide hyper-local insights of the real world in real time. Therefore, we developed a solution to extract information from data sources and process it without any dependency on servers.
Our mission: simple access to complex data. We are eager to thrive machine vision in the fields of power plants security, access control, and theft protection.


The eHub software is a flexible and complete data communication and process automation package fully integrated in Advantech data gateway devices. Based on a distributed real-time database and application management system almost any SCADA communication protocol can now be used as client or server on Advantech modules.
SystemCORP offers most commonly used communication protocols such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5, DNP3, Modbus and JSON/MQTT as part of a standard communication library for SCADA and Cloud integration.
 An integrated IEC 61131 compliant programmable logic controller extends the capability of the eHub as true virtual SMART Grid device ready to be installed in distribution automation and smart gird projects. For application configuration the eNode Designer, IEC 61850 ICD Designer and IED configurator tools are available, which simplify system engineering and resulting in reduction of project costs and implementation time. No special tools are required for establishing secure communication with cloud applications.

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Ekinops (OneAccess) & StormShield

Advantech and Ekinops provide an integrated Intel-based solution that profits from virtual network functions, consolidating communications and automation capabilities into a single substation-hardened platform. For utilities, this means improved reliability, security,and safety. And for end users, it means reduced cost of operation and hardware-embedded security certificates. See more HERE

Ekinops, an Intel Network Builders eco system member, provides its Open Virtualization Platform (OVP) to enable the virtual operation of communication and automation functions as wellas simple over-the-air updates to the wide are a network architecture. It also provides vRouter VNF, streamlining the definition and management of communication flows.


Together with Ekinops and Stormshield Advantech exposed solution for Virtualization of Power Substations. Check below video to see more about it. 

Grid monitoring solution 

Flexible, scalable and high reliable

The demands faced by grid operators are becoming more challenging - the growth in renewable energy sources and government sponsored initiatives for electric vehicles, grid operators are now upgrading their monitoring and management systems to ensure resilience and reliability whilst balancing generation and demand.

Advantech in partnership with it’s trustable partner have recently provided a complete monitoring solution for a North European grid operator.  The solution ensures high reliability, easy expansion, security, simple installation and critically - scalability.

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If you are interested in visiting EUW - please register for the free of charge entry ticket HERE

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