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Advantech RISC Computing Platforms

Advantech RISC computing platforms provide a standardized, ultra compact yet highly integrated computing solution that can be utilized across multiple embedded PC, system and appliance designs.

Our RISC computing platforms can meet the requirements for power-optimized mobile devices and performance-optimized consumer applications.



Why choose Advantech RISC Solutions?


Computer On Modules: design scalability to keep pace with technology upgrades, design flexibility to bring together size, I/Os and configuration requirements

2.5" to 3.5" Single Board Computers: plug-and-play design for short-time-built applications & fast time-to-market solutions with lower Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Industrial Motherboards: multi-integrated functions for easy implementation

Plug-and-Play Box Computers and IoT Gateways: ready-to-run design with optimized I/O configuration for your applications in factories, stores, parking lots, elevators or wherever you want

Evaluation Kits: application-oriented support packages bundled with ARM evaluation boards to minimize development effort

RTX 2.0 (68x68 mm): RISC Technology eXtended innovative mechanical and electrical design for challenging environments such as military, logistics, transportation / fleet management and many other industrial applications

SMARC (82x50mm OR 82x80mm): Smart Mobility ARCHitecture form factor for Ultra Low Power Computer-on-Modules (ULP-COM)

Qseven (70x70mm): combination of compact size and low height, cost efficiency and access to high-speed interfaces for handheld, HMI and signage applications

RISC Integration Services for Rapid Application Development

Modularized RISC Software Services for Application Differentiation

Complete Documentation and Programming Guide for Application Software Development

Full-ranged assistance in software, hardware and integration to facilitate the development cycle and boost your own innovations time-to-market

With 5 to 7 years longevity, you won't take risks of dead stock, material shortage or any unexpected cost up






Get inspired by our experience
banknote recycler gantry crane gate machine factory automation

Development Kit and Design-in Services for Compact Banknote Recycler

Intelligent and Rugged Solution for Gantry Cranes

Reliable and Power Saving Design for Smart Automatic Gate Machines

Rich I/O for Reading Sensor Data and Control Device in Factory Automation


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Still think that RISC development takes a long time?

Timesys LinuxLink for Advantech RISC Platforms

Lineo Warp!! - 5-seconds quick boot for Embedded Linux iMX6 Qseven Boards

Industrial Starter Kit: 10-minute startup for your ARM project


Get started
COM SBC Industrial Motherboards

Computer on Modules

Single Board Computers

Industrial Motherboards

Qseven, SMARC and RTX 2.0 for rugged applications

Powered by Freescale and TI ARM, with multi-integrated functions for easy implementation

Powered by NXP and TI ARM, with multi-integrated functions for easy implementation


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Box PCs RISC Kits

Box Computers

ARM Embedded Evaluation Kits

Ready-to-Run design

Optimized I/O configuration

For your applications in factories, stores, parking lots, elevators or wherever you want

Designed with full technical documentation/environment to expedite the design path


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NEW ARM i.MX6 Solutions with Complete Ecosystem Software Support

i.MX& Platforms, Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and Yocto 2.1 (Krogoth) ready: Discover the key factors for ARM business success and how Advantech unified BSP, standardized hardware solutions and trusted peripherals can help you




Embedded Linux & Android Ready ARM Solutions: discover how to accelerate Your ARM Project Development

Embedded Linux and Android ARM Solutions

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