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Nexiona Edge & IoT Gateways

Together with Nexiona, Advantech now offers an Industry First Standalone IoT Platform, built by combining Nexiona’s MIIMETIQ LITE IoT application and Advantech’s ARK-1123 Embedded Gateway allowing you to quickly build a Proof of Concept, explore the benefits of Edge processing and progress to a full blown Industrial IoT project. These new SRPs address the two biggest drivers in encouraging businesses to adopt IoT - easy, non-disruptive, Proof of Concept and powerful Edge processing. We believe they will radically accelerate the use of IoT technology across all Industrial markets.
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Nexiona Edge Device
Powerful EDGE processing for data capture and delivery to the cloud
    Capture data at The Edge
  1. Local monitoring and Dashboards
  2. Immediate local response and rectifying actions

  3. Deliver secure data to the cloud
  4. Filter and Transform data at the source
  5. Deliver only useful data to the cloud

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Advantech IoT Proof of Concept Kit
  1. Collect data from any type of device
  2. Visualise data in easy to create Dashboards and Reports
  3. Set Rules to send alarms and create automated actions
  4. Share data with business and analytics systems
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