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UNO-220-P4N2AE Industrial Raspberry Pi 4 Gateway Kit with POE

  1. Protect your Raspberry Pi device from dust and temperature extremes.
  2. Industrial-grade gateway kit provides Raspberry Pi-ready solutions for rapid prototyping
  3. Industrial grade I/O board for RS-232/485 and GPIO extension
  4. Integrated with PoE funciton allows users to power Raspberry Pi4 via an Ethernet cable
  5. Battery-backed RTC enabling fail-safe time keeping
  6. Built-in TPM function provides robust protection for critical data
  7. Included OS enables RPi identification of UNO-220, and automatically configures GPIOs and drivers for the board
  8. Supports wall-mount and DIN rail installation for industrial applications
  9. LED indicator for more easier maintenance
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Build IoT Application Rapidly

with the UNO-220 Industrial Kit for Raspberry Pi 4

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, Advantech's UNO-220 industrial gateway kit is an affordable choice for rapid deployment of industrial solutions. With plug-and-play support for RPi 4, UNO provides the ideal HAT and enclosure for manufacturers to build IoT applications.

What are Hat and Enclosure?

I/O board

  • Raspberry Pi not included but easily installed
  • Pi HAT (I/O board)
    - 4 x GPIO
    - 1 x RS232/485
    - 8G SD card with OS image

Industrial-grade chasis

  • High-quality housing made from durable 1.5 mm aluminum
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi4 SBCs
  • Provides optimum protection for Raspberry Pi
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Easy-access I/O for convenient maintenance
  • ESD protection

Feature Highlights

Industrial Grade for Rpi-based IoT Solution

The Raspberry Pi HAT I/O board offers four additional GPIO and one RS-232/485 serial port for integrating external sensors, devices, or controllers for flexible expansion.

Highly Compatible IoT Solution with Open-Source Software

The UNO-220 chassis is preloaded with the open-source Raspbian® OS and related application software for easy integration and deployment.

Battery-backed RTC (Real Time Clock) Chip for Keeping the Track of Time

The inclusion of an RTC chip with battery ensures the configuration and time settings are retained even when the system is powered off, making it suitable for industrial applications.


PoE Power Input

The advanced version of UNO-220 supports PoE function, allowing users to power Raspberry Pi4 via an Ethernet cable. The PoE-In design ensures easy installation and reduces maintenance costs.

TPM Security Chip Onboard

Built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) function provides robust protection for critical data

LED Indicators for Easier Maintenance

The front-facing LED indicators can indicate the real-time status of the system, enabling optimal monitoring of the GPIO control and input power.

Product Specifications

Industrial Kit for Raspberry Pi 4

Basic Version Advanced Version
4 x GPIO 8 x GPIO
1 x RS232/485 1 x RS232/485
RTC Battery RTC Battery 
8G SD card with OS image 8G SD card with OS image
- TPM security chip onboard
- POE power input
- LED indicator


Unit: mm
UNO-220 (Advanced Version)


Quick Overview for UNO-220 Series

Inside the Box

UNO-220 (Advanced Version)
Hardware Security
TPM 2.0
8 x GPIO
I/O Interface
Serial Ports
1 x RS-232/485 (Terminal Block)
Ingress Protection
Relative Humidity
10~95% RH (non-condensing)
Power Requirements
Output PoE+ Power
PSE for 802.3at/802.3af PoE network
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