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IMC-150LPC-R LRE Ethernet over Coaxial Extender, Remote

  1. Delivers data up to 300 m (985 ft) at 100Mbps with power via coaxial cable
  2. Extends power >15.4 watt power with 300 m (985 ft) long coaxial cable
  3. Railway Trackside EN 50121-4 EMC certified
  4. Features copper-based Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT)
  5. Supports Remote PD power ON/OFF by disabling/enabling port via management switch
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IMC-150LPC Series- Hardened PoE Long Reach Ethernet Extender over Coaxial

The innovative IMC-150LPC series uses extant coaxial cables to deliver both power and data to locations up to 300 m (984 ft) away. These capabilities are buttressed by an LFPT mechanism that augments transmission quality. This combination of attributes and features make IMC-150LPC an excellent choice for network infrastructure upgrade projects with limited power and network resources.

Extends your
network coverage

Leverages existing
coaxial cable

Supports Link Fault
Pass Through

Industrial grade hardware
with certificationwi

Feature Highlights

Extend the reach of both power and data delivery

Advantech’s IMC-150LPC series enables users to surpass former 100 m (328 ft) Ethernet transmission ranges to deliver power and data, via a single coaxial cable, to distances as far as 300 m (984 ft) away at speeds of 100Mbps. This empowers P.D. devices, such as IP cameras, while saving cabling costs, reducing installation complexity, and expanding power coverage and network services.

Supports Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) mechanism

LFPT, a troubleshooting feature designed for media converters, is used on both the local and remote IMC-150LPC extenders when they are used as a pair. When enabled, this feature will pass a link fault through the device at each segment. LFPT serves to prevent data loss by taking action during link failure incidents. For, example if the link fails on one IMC-150PLC, the other IMC-150LPC will force the link down on its link partner and avoid data loss.

Leverage extant, legacy coaxial cables to upgrade network infrastructure

Upgrading network infrastructure usually necessitates costly rewiring and reconstruction. The IMC-150LPC supports both Ethernet and coaxial transmission, enabling network communication via extant underground coaxial cables. These features help users avoid halts in manufacturing and surveillance when upgrading network infrastructure.

Industrial grade hardware design with EN50121-4 EMC certification

The IMC-150LPC series is EN50121-4 EMC certified and designed with industrial grade housing that supports broad temperature operation (-40 to 75 °C; -40 ~ 167 °F). This advanced durability makes IMC-150LPC suitable for applications in harsh environments such as trackside surveillance.

How does Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) work

The Procedure of Link Fault Pass-Through

  • Remote site IMC-150LPC-R
  • Local site IMC-150LPC-M

Link fails

Detects the link fail and turns the copper port off

Turns the coaxial port off, too

Notices the remote coaxial port is off

Turns the copper port off







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