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TABLET PC, Intel Z8350 4GB/64GB EU LTE Win10 Medical TWCode
  1. Certificated with latest medical standard : IEC60601-1
  2. AIM Dock 16-pin Pogo connector support Cradle & Docking peripherals : VESA Dock & stand, Multi tablet & battery charging station.
  3. AIM Extension 14-pin Pogo connector support Extension Modules for 1D/2D Barcode scanner with 20 & 70 degree design, LAN COM, MSR.
  4. Device support Windows 10 IoT Enterprise & Android 6.0 dual OS
  5. Camera module supports up to 13MP auto focus with LED flash.
  6. Comprehensive communication technologies including 3G/4G, WLAN, BT, NFC, GPS and HDMI output.
  7. IP65 water and dust protection/ 4ft drop compliant.
  8. Supports glove mode and stylus with palm detection to expand usability.
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