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Wireless connectivity increases the accuracy of medical records, thereby reducing the likelihood of medication errors. AMiS medical carts are EN60601-1, UL60601-1, and IEC60601-1 safety-certified, featuring LiFePO4 battery technology and seamless design. The AMiS series of medical carts, with their modular design, offer an intelligent, flexible, and customizable upgrade option for nursing workstation computer.
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COMPUTER SYSTEM, AMIS-30I_w/Celeron 2980U, motor lift and 200W
  1. Highly integrated computer and power cart solution for medical applications
  2. Intel® Celeron® processor for high performance
  3. 5-hour battery runtime with 210 W power supply
  4. 20-kg load capacity with motorized height adjustment
  5. IT-grade certification
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COMPUTER SYSTEM, AMIS-50 i7 Motor 420W w/o power cord
  1. Highly-integrated computerized medical cart for mobile health care solutions
  2. Available for motor adjustment of table height
  3. Designed for safety and reliability
  4. Big wheels to overcome various types of floor
  5. Powerful battery system for longer computer run time
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420 Wh Industrial Power Storage System with Lithium-Iron Phosphate Cell
  1. Contains environmentally-friendly, long lifecycle rechargeable batteries
  2. 170W DC output for integration of various devices
  3. Fanless design for hospital environment
  4. Swappable battery pack design for quick and easy replacement
  5. Two DC output ports with simultaneous power support
  6. Safety protection prevents against over charge and discharge
  7. "AMiS_Link" software solution for remote battery management
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