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The ADAM-3600 is a new ADAM series for RTU application by leveraging IoT technology. They not only have high environmental adaptability to work in the far and wide remote io. But also the new form factor is very friendly for the installation in remote terminal unit. The domain focused on-board remote IO design and the 4 slots IO expansion capability provides the maximum flexibility to serve the application with less IO requirements.
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CIRCUIT BOARD, 4-Slot IO Expansion, Cortex-A8 Wireless iRTU For WISE-PaaS/Edgelink Gateway solution please call customer service 00800-2426-8080 to help you to make a full configuration
  1. High Performance CPU Cortex A8 600MHz
  2. Low Power DDR3L 256MB RAM
  3. Embedded Real-time Linux Kernel
  4. Domain Focused Onboard IO -8AI / 8DI / 4DO
  5. 4-Slot I/O Expansion
  6. High I/O Flexibility with 4-slot I/O Expansion
  7. Multiple wireless options for Zigbee/ Wi-Fi/ 3G/ 4G/ GPRS
  8. IEC61131-3&C Programming Language


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