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Case Study: Autonomous Digital Signage in Vending with Media4Display


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VDMS machines have integrated software for real-time monitoring, automated stock reordering, sales and transaction monitoring with digital advertising and information screens. Hundreds of VDMS vending machines are already installed across Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

On the one side, VDMS was looking for a digital signage solution to equip its vending machines to display advertisements on the built-in displays. On the other side, retailers were looking for a complete solution to manage time, service quality and speed, the health of their staff and to reduce shrinkage.

In order to meet customer’s expectations, VDMS integrated:

Secure systems to track all handling of products at the point of purchase 
Automated product selection process to reduce waiting time 
Touch screen selection and hip-height dispensing to reduce repetitive strain from staff
Real time sales information so that no more time is wasted to count stock Digital advertising displays to release the potential of the store

After leading researches and shortlisting three digital signage software editors, VDMS finally chose Telelogos solution Media4Display, which met and satisfied all of its requirements. VDMS machines are equipped with Media4Display software which enables to display content on the integrated screens, to update this content in real time and to remotely manage the complete system via a 3G connection. VDMS vending machines screens have been coupled with Digital Signage hardware from Advantech (DS-063) running on Intel technology.


Modernization of store appearance
More simple use thanks to digitalization
Time-saving thanks to a centralization of the activities
Reduce in-store inventory 
Profitability of the vending machine thanks to advertisements displayed on screens


“Telelogos professional solution coupled with Advantech player’s expertise running on Intel technology now enable us to offer a complete and turnkey solution. The initial feedback has been very positive. With already hundreds of rolled out machines in Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, we have proved that our solution is successful.” Ray Murphy, Project Manager, VDMS

“Consumers are today demanding more capable retail solutions, we are seeing this especially within the vending sector, where there is a growing need to integrate with latest available payment platforms, digital content management systems, social media platforms, product delivery, and product information – all of these will have a positive impact on the consumer’s retailing experience. By consolidating multiple workloads onto a single vending platform, manufacturers can free up time to focus on meeting the increasing expectations of today’s tech-savy consumers” Jose Avalos, worldwide director of visual retail at Intel

“An ideal solution fulfilling the need in Signage when space is limited with multiple mounting options. The used fanless DS-063 offers the smallest possible form factor, with optimized performance which enables to display content on the integrated screens, update the content in real time and to remotely manage the complete system via the integrated 3G module. The market chooses more and more often for embedded products to have the long availability and solutions which will likely have similar form factor successors” Jeroen Baerents, Business Development Manager, Advantech

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