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Case Study: Embedded Computers in Self-service Ticket Machines


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Winning Factors

• Supports up to Intel’ core i7 quad-core processors
• Equipped with many extension ports to satisfy numerous connection requirements
• Supports Wi-Fi / 3G / GPS wireless communication, allowing swift data transmission to the backend for compiling ticket and visitor statistics
• Supports a wide voltage range between 9 to 34V

Application Requirement

For self-service ticket machines, there should be no mistakes while handling cash, bank transactions and issuing tickets, otherwise it could cause serious losses for banks and customers.
As the solution needed to connect to the display, video capture card, bank card reader and ticket printer, there was a high demand on the host’s serial ports and their scalability.

Also, video storage required large amounts of storage, and the host needed to adapt to various environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, high temperature, and severe cold.

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