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Case study: Perfect Fit Vending Display Solution


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Like many products that need to integrate into their environment, in-store vending requires a maximum display area that can be optimised to meet the available space.
In developing a new automated vending solution the client needed to meet several different mechanical sizes with consistent drive, control and other engineering features for easy implementation.

In order to perfectly present product images, high resolution displays with wide viewing angles for maximizing audience impact are crucial for vending machine applications. Additionally, flexibility for VGA/DVI/HDMI options, and compatibility with other embedded computing platforms were also emphasized by the customer.
Furthermore, a low profile appearance with different sized open frame options which helped the customer ramp-up production quicker.

Advantech deployed three different size monitors for this application enabling the customer to sell its vending product to the widest variety of retailers including corner shops, convenience stores and supermarkets. IDS31-215W, IDS31-230W and IDS31-320W implemented in a paired configuration exceeded the mechanical and optical requirements, optimising the limited space that was available in the various formats.
The units all had a VGA/DVI input and a common 12V DC power supply. The integrated VESA standard scalar A/D card meant no further software development was required for common imaging.

• Integrated high quality A/D card with VGA/DVI/HDMI and FHD capability
• 0~50°C wide operating temperature
• 89°/89°/89°/89° viewing angle
• Trouble free - Long service life
• 100% burn-in before delivery
• Rapid delivery using pre-configured options

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