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Device to Cloud, Making Maintenance Simpler

Today, energy and environment facility operations are faced with collecting accurate data. Data needs to be collected from geographically distributed equipment directly, getting real time condition monitoring for further big data analysis and future maintenance.

Advantech's device-to-cloud solution realizes the possibility for edge devices to pass equipment and environmental data to cloud platforms directly. They also enable the utilization of cloud platform tools to perform statistical analysis and visualization of data, so that users can understand the status of the equipment and environment at a glance, reduce inspection costs, improve immediacy, and facilitate the remote management of decentralized sites.

Get Key Equipment
Status in Real Time

With sensing devices connected to the cloud, the status of equipment can be automatically returned to the cloud platform and/or control site for the real-time monitoring of operating status.

Manage Remote
and Distributed Station

Constructing a sensing network allows for the central management of environmental and equipment information from unmanned and remote sites via a cloud platform.

Execute Predictive
Maintenance Effectively

The models, curve comparisons, and performance predictions tools in cloud platform can help with identifying problems early, thus achieving fault prevention and improving maintenance efficiency.

Machine and Equipment Management Case Study

Edge devices are directly connected to the cloud and integrated with wireless transmission technology. This all-in-one design is suitable for data acquisition from large decentralized sites. Without the need for tedious programming, configuration, and registration, users can quickly implement IoT applications such as those for smart cities, including smart water meters or any application that requires remote device management.

Wastewater Monitoring System with Multi-Point Station Data Transmission

Download Case Study

Remote Asset Management System for Electric Generators

Download Case Study

LoRa Private Solution for Flood Monitoring and Warning System

Download Case Study

NB-IoT Solution Brings IoT to Legacy Water Pumps for Distributed Monitoring

Download Case Study

LoRa Private Solution for Smart Agriculture and Irrigation System

Download Case Study

Remote Industrial Equipment Management System

Download Case Study

Lightweight Device-to-Cloud Architecture for IoT Practices

Advantech's comprehensive sensing devices support multiple IoT communication protocols, such as MQTT and RESTful, allowing terminal sensor data to be passed directly to the cloud. This streamlines the system architecture for connecting device-to-cloud solutions in IoT applications while reducing the system construction cost of individual sites.

How can Advantech simplify Cloud IoT systems?

Comprising Advantech’s sensing devices and Microsoft’s Azure IoT, our remote management solution for distributed equipment can expedite and simplify IoT deployment.

ManaEdge-to-Cloud lightweight architecture

Advantech’s IoT products adopt a decentralized architecture to acquire data to the cloud. Compared with the traditional approach of setting up many hardware devices to summarize data, convert protocols and build security mechanism locally, Advantech’s edge-to-cloud solution can perform all of these tasks and deploy application for further analysis in a single IoT device. Saving considerably on the expense of system deployment while simplifying the IoT architecture.

Fully Compatible with Azure IoT Hub, Speed Up System Implementation

Public cloud services do not require the high costs associated with equipment overheads such as servers and switches. This can significantly reduce the entry barriers to IoT applications whilst also shortening the development cycle. In addition to the advantages of low management burden, low maintenance cost, and high scalability, cloud platforms also provide application systems, data analysis, and PaaS services, which can add true core value to IoT big data.

Local Data Recording and Pretreatment, Save on Communication Fees

Advantech sensing devices have built-in WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink software or a data logger. These support data recording and pretreatment, which reduce the amount of data and number of transmissions through data scaling/calculation and time stamping, thus saving on unnecessary communication fees and cloud usage costs.

MaLocal Storage and Break-Point Resume, Ensure Zero Data Loss During Wireless Communication

Public cloud storage is highly reliable due to automatic data backup and countermeasures against data loss from hardware damage. In addition, Advantech IoT products support local storage and provide HTTP functionality, which allow data to be stored locally in the event of communication instability or disconnection, and transmission can then be resumed when the network is restored.

MQTT, HTTPS and OPC UA, Protocols Designed for IoT

In line with the standardization of industrial IoT communication protocols, Advantech products support MQTT, RESTful (HTTPS) and OPC UA. Compared to the traditional systems, those protocols adopted in IoT applications can integrate data within an IT network directly; this can reduce or even eliminate the need for protocol conversion, thereby accelerating system development time considerably.

Extend Cloud Intelligence and Analytics to Edge, Make the Platform Smarter

The intelligence solution is Azure IoT Edge certificated. Thus, user can flexibly choose different AI modules such as stream analytics, machine learning, image recognition, and so on, deployed from the cloud to the edge to support diverse applications, making edge platform smarter and helpful for better data management.

Advantech Device-to-Cloud Solution Offerings

Ethernet I/O Modules, Wireless I/O Modules, Wireless Sensor Nodes, Remote Terminal Units, Communication Gateways

Intelligent I/O Module

Data Acquisition and Control Module
ADAM-6200 Series
  • MQTT, SNMP, RESTful protocol
  • GCL for local control of edge devices
  • Daisy chain topology simplifies wiring and minimizes system implementation
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Intelligent I/O Gateway

Compact Intelligent Gateway
  • Data acquisition and analytics
  • Encrypted cloud/ database access
  • Built in Node-Red: graphical programmable environment
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Remote Terminal Unit

All-in-One Terminal for Data Pre-treatment
  • 20 x I/O channels and 4 x expansion slots for integrating different sensors
  • Edge intelligence software with checklist function for system configuration without programming
  • Supports various field devices and controller protocols
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Wireless I/O Module

Modular Wireless I/O Module
WISE-4000 Series
  • Support WiFi, 4G LTE, NB-IoT, LTE-M and LoRaWAN wireless communication
  • Low power consumption with solar panel rechargeable battery design
  • Built-in sensor and variety I/O configuration
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LoRaWAN I/O Sensing Node

Wireless LoRaWAN I/O Sensor
Wzzard LRPv2
  • Low power consumption for solar and battery power applications
  • Long-range, wide-area IoT gateway
  • IP66-rated reinforced-fiber polyester PBT enclosure
  • LoRaWAN protocol for closing systems
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LoRaWAN Gateway

Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Node-red server and MQTT broker (TLS/SSL)
  • Support VPN, NAT, Static route, Firewall
  • Creating private LoRaWAN Network with only 3-steps
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Ethernet Switch

8GE Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
  • QoS (VIP port) and Loop detection
  • Support MQTT to publish the status of switch to MQTT broker
  • Support MQTT multiple server mode to insure subscriber can monitor EKI-5000 switch
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Communication Gateway

Compact Edge Gateway for Protocol conversion
  • Supports LAN ports and RS-232/485 switching to adapt to requirements
  • Edge intelligence software with checklist function for configuration without programming
  • I/O interface anti-jamming and isolation specifications for use in harsh environments
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Edge Intelligence Platform

Intelligent Platform with Azure IoT Edge
  • Supports AI modules, like stream analytics, OPC UA publisher, and Modbus, deployed from cloud to edge
  • Equipped with full range security with Azure IoT Edge Security Daemon, onboard TPM 2.0 and SSL-ensured connectivity
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Technical Support

How to upload data from WISE-4000 to Azure IoT Hub and visualize real-time data by Power BI?

How to upload data from WISE-4000 to Azure IoT Hub and visualize historical data by Power BI?

How to upload data from ADAM-3600 to Azure IoT Hub?

How to upload data from ADAM-3600 to Azure IoT Hub and visualize data by Power BI?

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