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  • Embedded IoT Solutions for Medical/ Healthcare 2/12/2018
    To address the market for IoT Medical/ Healthcare, Advantech developed integrated IoT solutions and services that accelerate the IoT value chain & ecosystem. We provide a series of systems or boards to meet your specific medical device and computing requirements through advanced, innovative and world leading technologies.>>Close
  • Arm Mbed Cloud Services 9/5/2017
    Advantech’s wide coverage wireless connectivity solution is empowered by Arm’s reliable core technology. With benefits such as low power usage and various wireless transmitting module selections and Arm Mbed Cloud services, this combination is perfect for most IoT scenarios>>Close
  • Edge Intelligence Server (EIS) 5/8/2017
    Advantech Edge Intelligence Server accelerates IoT implementation by providing integrated solutions with edge computer,
    WISE-PaaS software packages,IoT development tools, pre-configured cloud services, plus the flexibility to add on more software
    modules from the WISE-PaaS marketplace that enable IoT connectivity, data manageability and a>>Close
  • IoT-Enabled ARM-Based Platforms 5/5/2017
    Advantech has been working with RISC technology for over 10 years beginning with MIPS. We design products for many different RISC platforms, from ARM 7 to Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A73. We maintain a leading role in the ARM market and we promise to continuously provide quality and performance industrial grade computing solutions to RISC platform users. >>Close
  • Integrated Automation Systems Brochure 5/5/2017
    In the IoT era, industrial automation has gradually become sufficiently reliable to serve as an effective part of the production process. With Advantech embedded IoT system solutions, the production line can be automated with robotic machine control as well as visual inspection and support data visualization through our software service.>>Close
  • WISE-PaaS- Enabling IoT Edge Intelligence with a Collaborative Ecosystem 1/1/0001
    Advantech offers WISE-PaaS as the Data Platform with Edge Intelligence to provide device-to-cloud solutions targeted at solution developers to co-create IoT industrial applications integrated as Solution Ready Packages, which speeds implementation and time to market.>>Close
  • Industrial Grade IoT Security Solutions 1/1/0001
    ● Industrial-grade centralized security management ● Full mirror image backup and recover ● Real-time malware threat prevention ● Simplified dashboard for analytical reports>>Close
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